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Our Mission

To Provide home training and extra tuition for offered courses, following subject syllabus so that you can achieve your full potential

About Us

Chrome Study is an online student platform which provides training and extra tuition to students for courses offered by their local educational institutions and training facilities.

Chromestudy is registered and headquartered in the Caribbean island of Barbados and started as a platform to provide extra study assistance for students in multiple courses and subjects. The Team is made up of a collection of teaching professionals within the english speaking Caribbean.
The method of delivering content is through pre-recorded video/audio following the courses syllabus and through personalized study assistance via live tutor to student interaction on our platform.

The focus is on following the syllabus of the selected course with an aim of providing clearer understanding of the courses offered. Through individual, institutional or academic subscriptions members can access the learning library to study CXC, GCE, A level, CAPE and more other with a view of preparing them for the exams. All our courses are taught by qualified and experienced tutors in each field

Who uses helps individuals to achieve their personal and professional goals, but also offers cost effective group memberships for schools and other academic institutions.

About the founder

John Mark Samuel is the founder of chrome Study. The idea of an online study portal came about after going through the secondary school entrance process with his then 11-year-old son and having to look up most mathematics examples online to be able to offer him effective help.
There was so little effective information available in one place for those basic maths courses. Thus, the idea of Chrome Study was born. Being a web developer with a 5+ years experience he then set out to make this idea a reality.
John Mark is very interested in solving problems through technologys and learning more about what can be achieved through its use.

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