Video Lectures

  • Video lectures offer a range of benefits for students, including flexibility, convenience, accessibility, visual and audio aids, personalized learning, and increased engagement. This is possible by allowing students to access lectures at any time and from anywhere.
  • Accessibility: Video lectures can be watched repeatedly and at the student's own pace, which makes it easier to understand and retain information.
  • Personalized learning: Video lectures can be paused, rewound, and fast-forwarded, allowing students to personalize their learning experience and focus on the areas that they need the most help with.

One on One Tutoring

One on one online tutoring provides students with personalized attention from a tutor in a virtual setting. It allows students to receive individualized instruction tailored to their specific needs and learning style, while also providing flexibility in scheduling and location. This form of tutoring can help students to improve their understanding of a subject, build confidence, and achieve academic success.

Small groups of 5 or less

Small groups of 5 or less online learning is a form of virtual instruction where a tutor or teacher conducts classes for a small group of students in an online setting. It provides students with personalized attention, encourages collaboration and peer-to-peer learning, and allows for flexibility in scheduling and location. This type of online learning can enhance students' understanding of a subject, improve their critical thinking and problem-solving skills, and foster a sense of community and engagement among the students.

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