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Study and prepare for your seconday school classes and exams at your own pace using on-demand video tutorials and personalized classes.
Connect with other students and form study groups for primary school, secondary school entrance exams, CXC/CSEC, CAPE 11+ and more...

Learn On Your Schedule

Study any topic, anytime. Explore dozens of courses starting at $USD8.00 each

Learn On Your Scheduled

Study any topic, anytime. Explore dozens of courses starting at $USD8.00 each

100% Exam preparation

*Video lectures
* small group learning

Expert Tutoring

*Experienced and qualified Tutors
*Online quizzes & Past papers
*Q & A forum for video lectures

Syllabus Programs

Our Programs follow current syllabi for:

Solving hard problems for the student polulation

Personalized Academic Support

We deliver equitable, cost-effective, and impactful academic support that drives learning acceleration, student engagement, and future readiness.
We provide the tools for successful study and everything students needs to complete their course of study.

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Connect with other students taking the same subjects as you on our Q&A platform and help to clarify concepts, learn from different perspectives, and gain insight into exam strategies and study techniques.

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Interactive independent practice

Independent practice can be helpful to students as it allows them to actively engage with the course material, test their knowledge, and see their level of readiness for exams.

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